March 30, 2018

And Then There Was Cliff Jumping…

Oh Hawaii and your blue, blue, blue water! I love our Florida beaches too but all the volcanic rocks, turquoise water, and mysterious islands on the horizon are seriously magical. This was the day after our workshop/retreat/crazy-mind-blowing-learning was done and we all just reverted to crazy, energetic teenagers once we started jumping.
It was so fun to have Wendy taking all of us to more hidden spots instead of the usual tourist traps. It was also kind of hilarious and awesome to go with a bunch of photographers because we must have looked like some lost paparazzi. lol  There were always at least 3 people with their big, bad film cameras up at all times. And then I did all my jumps with waterproof disposable cameras strapped to my wrists. We were seriously happy photography nerds! 😉

Guys!!! We were swimming with a SEA TURTLE!! So perfect!

See guys? I totally jumped off a cliff.  Many times. And it was just what I needed.
(Thanks for the rad photos of me, Wendy Laurel!!)