October 19, 2018

Surfer Girl Fashion Editorial – Neptune Beach

Jacksonville models and bloggers Chey and Chawn are gorgeous (duh!) but my favorite thing about these two is that special twin connection they have. As they put it, they were born with their best friend, which makes me wish soooo badly that I had a sister! They are so in sync with each other and that made this boho beach fashion editorial even more fun. I photographed Chey last year for Inguz and ever since we’ve been itching to do a photo shoot with Chawn too.

We got up eaaaarrrrlllyyy to be ready to shoot with the sun (4:30 is not a time I like to see on my alarm clock.) but man was it worth it! I love how you can see the colors change from the beginning of our session to the end. They start out soft, pastel and pink and then morph into strong oranges and yellows. So beautiful! It’s amazing how something as simple as the direction and strength of the sun can change the look of a photo so much.

They’re such good sports, splashing around in the ocean, and running down the beach. I love their outfits from Billabong that are all kinds of surfer girl cool. and it’s silly but it totally love how Chawn’s jeans got all wet because that’s the sign of a real ocean lover. We’re going in no matter what we’re wearing!

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