October 31, 2020

Finding light again

woman silhouette on white wall

Do we make art only when we’re at our best, when we have big plans and even bigger dreams? If that were true, there would be a lot less creativity in the world. In our worst times, we feel the need to express ourselves, to give our feelings a place to escape. Art is a place many of us turn to for that release.

When I’m at my worst, I let my feelings get stuffed, I sleep too much, try to find comfort in Netflix watching other people’s imaginary lives. I don’t live my own life. But when I take those hidden, sometimes painful, feelings and put it into a creation, (a poem, a sketch, a photo, anything really) it frees me somehow. I feel lighter and able to move again, like a weight has lifted off of my heart.

God whispers truth to all of us as we make. He shows us the bits of good that are in us and in the world even with all that is so very broken. He is not done yet and there is even better to come.

He has made all of us with the ability to create but some feel the need much more than others. It feels like if you don’t make something, you’ll explode. When things get dark, when life is starting to feel hopeless like it left us behind, we sing, we draw, we go outside and dance like a manic, we hold our faces to the sun, we knit a scarf and feel surprisingly proud and fulfilled by our little creations. So I know that we don’t create art just for money or fame, we’re creating to survive, to feel alive, to heal. The art we make from those places brings hope to ourselves and hope to the people around us. It reminds us there is still light.