June 11, 2019

French Inspired Engagement Session in St Augustine

Nothing says romance like engagement photos in St Augustine but add French vibes to that and just stop! I spent a summer with a French family in high school, and I was so impressed with how purposeful they were about enjoying life. Longer vacations, making crepes for dinner in the back garden, spending time walking everywhere, 3 hour meals with friends.

So I’ve always had a soft spot for things that remind me of the France I know. And the beautiful, old buildings in St Augustine, Florida have always done that with its narrow streets, the architecture, colorful buildings and doors. So when I had the chance to photograph Hope and JR, they fit the free spirited French vibe perfectly.

And after getting back the film of these St Augustine engagement photos, I’m convinced more and more that taking beautiful images is less about me and my camera and more about creating a space where my couples can relax and connect to each other. That’s when the magic happens. Hope and JR are so naturally romantic and adventurous and I love how that came out in their photos (you can see the full gallery here because I love them alllll so much!).

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