August 31, 2018

How To Look Your Best In Photos

So I finally did a thing. I made a Youtube channel. I can already feel the internet trolls gunning for me but I’m such a face-to-face kind of person that I needed to talk to you. So today’s topic is how to look your best in your wedding photos, or any photos really. 😉

I know it sounds simple, but the most important thing about looking your best in photos is to be comfortable. No one looks like their best selves when they’re worried, not connecting well with their wedding photographer. If a photographer doesn’t feel like someone you’d want to spend 8 hours with (i.e. your ENTIRE wedding day), then you need to find someone else. That human connection is so important!

I’m going to start making a few other videos with other tips for looking and feeling your best, choosing a photographer, how to be present on your wedding day. I realize I’ve been at this for a while now (8 YEARS!!) so if you guys have any other questions about wedding, photography, or how my nap hair looks so amazing (I kid, I kid) then just leave a comment here or shoot me an email!