September 21, 2017

Free People Tropical Fashion Shoot

Dream photoshoot in the morning, evacuate from a hurricane that night. That’s not really my usual day but I’m sooo thankful I got to photograph Reilly crushing it before things got all Irma crazy. And this shoot has been a long time coming for me.

I love all things tropical and jungle. Like really really. The air that feels like a greenhouse, the amazing plants everywhere, the way it makes you slow down, go barefoot, and wear breezy clothes. I spent a summer in Papua New Guinea and it has just stuck with me ever since. So this shoot was kind of a love note to that jungle from me.

Reilly (who looks a crazy amount like a real life Moana) was incredible, even when a big not-scared-of-people snake was following us around. (I wimped out a little. lol)  But we had so much fun, went barefoot, played, and sweat. All the things you’re supposed to do in a jungle. 😉