March 22, 2017

Messy Is Beautiful

Crisp. Sharp. Styled. Instagram ready. We think that perfect is always better. But is it?  It’s so easy to get stuck in that loop. Trying to measure up to everyone else, to not fall behind. But when I look through my days, things feel soft, blurry, messy.  There’s a swirling never ending motion that I try to soak it in before I blink it all away. 

Somehow the measuring stick for ‘professional’ photography has become sharp, crisp and styled. But I’ve learned that what I really want to create with my photos is feeling. If it’s true that images have to be ‘perfect’ to be worthy, I’d rather be an amateur that grabs the moment before it’s gone.  I’d rather feel the light soaking through an image, see the dancing blurry and swirling, or catch a couple’s kiss in the shadows all grainy and fuzzy. That’s life to me.  Messy, beautiful, and a little out of control. Perfect is for robots.