January 18, 2017

Elegant, Relaxed Wedding at The Ribault Club

The hurricane couldn’t do it. The forces of nature conspired to tear them apart but Alex and Brittany prevailed.  They said their vows while the wind ripped trees up around them, sending cars flying past their head, I believe there may have even been a sharknado at one point, but…  cough…. Ok just kidding.  But they had to postpone it for a month so it was still dramatic!  I mean how many weddings do you know of that had to reschedule due to a hurricane?! Yikes!
The big, bad Matthew just missed us, we’re all safe, the beautiful Ribault Club survived unscathed and Alex and Brittany were able to have their GORGEOUS Jacksonville wedding. These two are such gracious, kind people and handled the chaos so well.  It’s pretty obvious in these photos that they couldn’t be more in love if they tried.  Enjoy your happily ever after, Alex and Brittany!