October 4, 2019

Romantic, Relaxed Engagement Photos in Atlantic Beach

A lot of couples see it as unimportant but taking the time for relaxed engagement photos is so romantic and special. Not only does it let you get to know your photographer and be comfortable with her before your wedding day, but it lets you take the time to celebrate this huge step you’re taking with just the two of you. No stress of hurrying to get ready for the ceremony or reception. Just the two of you loving each other.

Engaged couple sitting on a bench in a florida garden
Tropical garden engagement photos
Romantic engagement photos next to pond in tropical Jacksonville gardens
Couple holding hands and walking through Atlantic Beach neighborhood

Take Engagement Photos in Meaningful Places

This Atlantic Beach neighborhood is really special to Bia and Conor, since it’s where Conor grew up. They’ve spent a lot of sweet time here together and it makes their photos even more meaningful.

palm trees at sunset in atlantic beach florida
relaxed beach engagement photos
beautiful woman and sweet man in jacksonville beach garden

Opposites Attract

Bia is such a strong, beautiful woman (from Brazil originally) and Conor is a sweet, quiet Florida boy. The blend of them together is magic. There’s a good reason that opposites attract. We make each other stronger.

double exposure film photo with couple in atlantic beach
engaged couple walking through the dunes in atlantic beach
Couple hugging and laughing on the beach dunes
woman smiling while man hugs her on the beach

The Ocean is a Timeless Backdrop

The ocean is the perfect backdrop for timeless photos. It’s beautiful and wild, and no matter how many decades (or millennia) pass, we are all drawn to it. If you include nature in your photos, they’ll never go out of style (though if you have a mullet haircut, you’re on your own. lol).

relaxed romantic engagement photos in atlantic beach
Romantic couple walking barefoot on the beach
romantic relaxed engagement photo of couple kissing

Sunset is Perfect for Romantic, Relaxed Photos

Sunset is one of the most beautiful times to take photos at the beach. For the brave early birds like Carrie and David, sunrise is epically beautiful too. The sun here is Florida can be so strong but it’s perfectly soft and warm when it rises and sets. I love the relaxed, romantic feeling it adds to engagement photos. Be sure to check to see what sunset time will be when you’re scheduling your session.

relaxed couple smiling during romantic photo session
engaged couple sitting on the dunes at sunset
relaxed romantic engagement photo on Atlantic Beach

The End of a Session is the Sweet Spot

The photos I get at the end of an engagement session are often the sweetest. The couple is totally used to me and my goofiness by then. They trust that I will tell them what they need to do and they don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying each other.

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The beauty has no boundaries in this picture.