January 14, 2014

Surround Yourself With Flowers – A Conversation with Florist Milk and Honey

I just had the opportunity to photograph a lifestyle session with my friend, and talented florist, Meg. (check out her work here!)  She was preparing flowers for a wedding so I followed her around her Florida home, and managed to sneak a few photos with she and her husband, Alex, and their pup, Rosie Cotton. (I’m pretty sure there is no cuter name for a pet!)  Knowing so little about floral arranging myself, I asked Meg to share with us about her art.

Why did you decide to become a florist?

I first started working with flowers because I found myself drawn to the details and intricacies in nature, and I had a deep desire to share that beauty with others. We can find beauty (and therefore truth) in things that are obviously exquisite, such as garden roses. But what I love most about floral design is incorporating elements that don’t strike most people as alluring, such as spiky seed pods, or dried palm fronds. There is much hope in making the mundane magnificent.

What would you say to those of us who want to incorporate more flowers into our everyday?

Floral arranging is all about blending your colors! So if you buy flowers from the grocery store, try to keep them in the same color spectrum. And never underestimate the beauty of foliage in your own backyard. When I was first starting out, I created small arrangements with just a few buds because it made it easier to get the balance and ‘flow’ of the lines right. It also made it easily portable so I could carry it with me to whatever room I was in. I find that there’s nothing more relaxing than going to sleep with flowers on my nightstand, and nothing more rejuvenating than waking up to them the next morning.