July 18, 2018

The Wilding Collective – St Augustine Blooms

It’s no small thing to find other artists you connect with and can work on a projects that you can both get excited about. My friend Becky, the insanely talented florist behind The Wilding Collective, is one of those artists. I’m so thankful to have her as a friend, and I’m really proud of the work we’ve created together. Like the time we went to the Blue Ridge Mountains on a whim, or lived out our hippie dreams in the forest and then a rad setup in her vintage trailer

When you work as an artist, a lot of what you do is serving clients, but to do that well, personal work is so important. It let’s us develop our skills, try new ideas, and just cut loose. Doing shoots just for my own heart has been really important in keeping my work fresh and developing my photography. If I only picked up the camera when I was being paid for it, I definitely wouldn’t be at the same place in my art.

So Becky and I were both feeling the need to create something and this time we kept it simple and let everything revolve around her free spirited flowers.  Ever a supporter of creativity, Inguz boutique owner Cara lent us some of her beautiful clothes for our shoot. And our model, Ashley Schopp, was the perfect, inspiring soul to pull everything together. So we wandered the colorful streets of Saint Augustine, arms full of flowers, and created to our hearts content. 

And the beautiful artist herself! I certainly don’t look this gorgeous and put together after a shoot, but that’s Becky for you. Magical.