November 2, 2017

Romantic, Natural Mountain Wedding Inspiration

We have a lot of beautiful, amazing places to get married in Florida, but there’s one thing we definitely don’t have. Mountains. It started with a half-way joke to my friend Becky, of The Wilding Collective, that we just drive up to Asheville for our shoot. We were having a hard time finding a spot for a concept we were working on, but once we had the Blue Ridge Mountains for our location, everything just fell into place. 

Undone beauty is all about letting things be themselves, be untouched, and that was our inspiration.  There are so many articles and blogs out there for making brides and their weddings more ‘perfect’, more detailed, more styled but not much to help them be more themselves, more natural and real. 

So Becky, who is totally amazing and all about the wildness of nature, made a bouquet that felt picked out of the mountain hills, and a cermony site that seemed like it had planted itself. We literally had people hike by and ask us if it just grew like that. 😉

And of course, photographing everything with film added even more warmth and magic. It just ate that mountain light up!! And the views from a mile in the sky were incredible! The whole shoot just came together in the most beautiful, wild way.  (see all the rad vendors at the bottom of the post)

Photography: E. M. Anderson Photography
Florals & Design: The Wilding Collective
Hair & Makeup: Michaela Hindes
Pottery: East Fork Pottery
Invitation: M.C. Pressure
Jewelry: Anchor Boutique
Dress: Gossamer
Rad Couple: Diamelen and Charlie S.