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The MOST important
rule is to be yourself.

I have a few tips and tricks to help you choose your outfit and styling but the purpose is to help you be your best self. I want you to feel confident and beautiful when you show up for photos. If any of these rules don't feel right for who you are, then feel free to break them, forget them, or make your own.

Confidence is always your best accessory.

1. It's not the time to experiment

A Few Rules

I know the temptation is strong to just copy outfits from a person you admire, but just because it works for them doesn't mean it's best for you. We usually have an idea of colors that work well on us (if not, send me an email and I'll totally help you out.) Unless you're regularly having professional photos taken, it's best to stick with colors and styles that you already know work for you.

<--- DON'T

To show how much I love you, I will be the terrible outfit example. You're welcome. 😅

I was definitely experimenting with this outfit but it wasn't the real me. I saw someone else in this coat and thought it was so cool but it's not something I would have normally worn. The colors are loudly competing with each other, didn't go well with my hair tone, and the words on my shirt draw your eye there. So basically my face is the last place your eye goes.

DO --->

This is so much better!! Even though there's interest in my clothes, the contrast isn't nearly as strong so you look at my face first. The green really makes my skin and hair pop so instead of being distracting, my dress is helping me look like my best self. Also, no words to be seen helps people look at my face instead of trying to read my shirt.

Wear Your Clothes. Don't Let them wear you.

2. Don't Distract

When an outfit is just not working, it's usually because there's something that's distracting from you. That can be because there's too much contrast, like stripes, bold patterns, large graphics, or lots of competing colors.

When you're having photos taken you want YOU to be the focus, so stick with patterns that are similar shades (shades of green vs hot pink and black). You can also choose solid colors that have a nice texture (embroidery, layering, etc.) or a great shape. You don't have to shy away from colors at all, just keep them in similar shades instead of multicolored. Also, try to stay away from words or illustrations since the eye is naturally pulled to those things.

3. Wear A Bit More Makeup

Cameras don't pick up on everything the same way your eye does. That's especially true of makeup. Even if you feel like a lip color is super bold or your eye shadow is dark, it will look a bit lighter and less vibrant in photos.

If you normally wear more dramatic makeup, then keep that for your photos and you won't have to worry about adding anything extra. But if you don't usually wear any makeup at all then, be sure to use at least a bit of blush, lip color and swipe of mascara to keep yourself looking healthy in photos. Even if it feels like a lot in the mirror. It will mellow out in photos. It's a good idea to test your makeup by taking a photo of yourself in window light or outside to see how it translates to a photo.

But remember to keep your makeup in a style that you would actually wear in your life. The last thing you want is to not recognize yourself. The whole point is to have a photo that looks like the best version of YOU.

4. Still Be You

All of these rules about not being distracting, having too much contrast, or experimenting does NOT mean that you have to show up in a tweed skirt suit. No matter what your style (minimalist city chic, artsy bohemian, classic and casual, etc.) you can apply these tips.

For one person, wearing a band t-shirt and flowery skirt would be their signature look but for another, it would be WAY too deep into the experimentation zone. The point is to choose pieces in that style that will really work well to enhance you and your vibe, not take away from it.

When you're having professional photos taken, you should be the star of the show, not your clothes.

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