March 22, 2018

When Hawaii Is A Business Expense

It’s a lot easier than I thought to lose yourself, or at least to pile on so many extra pressures and voices that you’re buried somewhere at the bottom.  I’ve been being buried for the last few years, so when I heard that the crazy talented John Dolan (Seriously guys. Like doing the Seinfeld’s family pictures and Kate Bosworth’s wedding level.) was going to be doing a super small retreat called ‘Separate from the Herd’, my gut said I had to go. Add to that the fact it was going to be hosted at the home of my sweet friend, the insanely talented Wendy Laurel in Maui, well yeah. I had no choice but to go.

It was even more mind blowing than I thought it would be. Challenging at the deepest levels (oh tears were definitely shed), and so crazy refreshing and inspiring. Like I’ve been lifted out of the chaos and put back on the path I was trying to walk. Getting back to my desire of wanting to tell the truth in as beautiful and free a way as I can.  Giving myself permission to create my very best work, even if that looks different from what other photographers are doing.

So yeah, Maui was incredible, and this is definitely part 1 of all the piles of film I shot. Paia, Cliff jumping and swimming with sea turtles are coming!  These are two family sessions that John was shooting during the retreat, and letting us tag along. And yes, Hawaii has cloudy days too. 😉