There’s nothing as beautiful as someone being their real self.

Kids are naturally so good at this but grownups have to learn it again.

Hi, I’m Emily.

I’ve been a photographer for over a decade now (yes, I’m 29. Thank you for asking.) and the one thing that I’ve always loved is photographing people as their best selves.

Whenever someone comes to me and says ‘I’m not photogenic. I’m so awkward in front of the camera.’ I smile to myself because I know that I’m going to show them the amazing, beautiful person that everyone else sees but their cell phone selfies don’t.

“Her fun, spunky and carefree personality meshed perfectly with us and we are so grateful we found her. She has a true art about the way she works. Love, love, LOVE her!”
– Gina R.

A Little About Me



I have 3 crazy, sweet boys so I know a thing or two about keeping kids happy (and alive. lol). Finn, Grey, and North are so kind and funny, and you’ll probably see them pop up on my site from time to time.



I grew up in San Francisco, California and even though the west coast will forever be home, I’m so happy we’ve settled in the amazing city of Toronto.



Being from California, I have a lot of ties to Japanese culture. I cook a lot of Japanese food, love Japanese art (Edo period anyone?), and now my entire family goes to Japanese language school every week.


Chai Lattes

So weird fact about me but I can’t actually drink coffee, so I’m always on the hunt for a good chai latte with oat milk and a quiet cafe to drink it in.


Married the guitarist

Before settling on photography as my career, I went to university for a degree in music composition. I always swore I would NEVER marry another musician but my amazing guitarist husband Patrick won me over pretty quickly.

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