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Toronto Family Photographer

Worry-free maternity, newborn and family photography for moms who want to feel beautiful and have meaningful artwork in their homes.

Leave the stressful bits to me

Mama, all you need to do at your fun family photoshoot is show up and enjoy yourself.

Instead of stressing about how to dress, you'll have perfectly curated outfits and glowing makeup for family photos fit for a magazine spread.

Beautiful wall art that's chosen to exactly fit your home, and a truly heirloom album designed for you. No need to hunt through your computer.

Do family photographs like these seem like a dream?

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little blonde girl in green romper carrying a white bunny stuffed animal and brown child size chair

A delightful family photography experience that is designed to take the pressure off of busy moms and create beautiful, heirloom artwork.

I've been photographing families for over a decade and love creating naturally beautiful images that share the magic of your family. Life can go by in such a blur but taking the time to create images of your family history and candid moments is always worth it.

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Maternity & Newborn Photography

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New Beginnings

Time during pregnancy is a funny thing. One day you feel like you'll never be out of the first trimester, and then you blink and your due date is next week!

For pregnancy photos, I usually recommend booking your session in the third trimester, between weeks 26 and 34 (depending on if it's your first pregnancy or not.)

Newborn sessions are a little different since babies come whenever they want, so I suggest that my clients book 1 to 6 months before their due date.

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Toronto Photographer Emily Anderson wearing a lavender and white dress resting her face on her hand and smiling at the camera

Hi! I'm Emily.

Your Family Photo Fairy Godmother

I'm a professional maternity and newborn photographer serving Toronto and the communities in Southern Ontario. As a mom of three boys (Yes, all boys. You read that right.), I really have a heart for making sure mamas get in the photos with their family.

We're always so busy making sure everyone else is taken care of and ready for photos, that we barely have any energy left for a shower! That's why I've crafted my business to help YOU feel cared for and beautiful.

I want to be the photographer that I wish I had when I was pregnant and the only photos I have were taken on a roll of film I shot with a tripod and my camera's timer.

So instead of having maternity photography add stress, let me make your whole experience delightful, relaxing and so special.

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Let the magic begin

It's not a matter of if you lose your digital photos but when.

If you wait 6 years and finally decide to print your family photos, you may find (like I did) that they were lost to a computer problem you didn't even know you had.

The safest way to ensure you'll always have your family pictures is to print them. You're a lot less likely to accidentally throw them away than your computer.

So print all those beautiful, special moments and actually enjoy them, instead of losing them in digital spaces. No family photos want to grow up to be just a jpeg.

3. Design & Ordering Appointment

2. Session Day

4. Finished Artwork

1. Wardrobe & Planning Appointment

glass and brass box with prints of newborn photos tied with a pink ribbon
dresses hanging up from the client wardrobe of toronto maternity photographer emily anderson

Once you've reserved your family portrait session, we'll have a planning appointment where I'll style you and your family's outfits. You'll have the option to use pieces from my client wardrobe or from your own closet. We'll plan out the location for your family photos as well as your artwork preferences.

I'll commission one of my favorite hair and makeup artists to come to your home and get you glowing! Then we'll have a relaxed, fun photo session where you'll never have to wonder about what to do with your hands.

After your session, we'll meet again so you can see your beautiful images for the first time. I'll help you choose which wall art, albums and framed prints are right for your home. We can even design a gallery wall for you during our meeting.

About 6 to 10 weeks later, your beautiful artwork will be complete, ready to be picked up and live it's best life being enjoyed in your home.

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"Emily captures real life personality and emotion so perfectly because she makes you feel nothing but you behind the lens." - Jennifer S.

Kind Words


closeup of baby's toes lying on a white blanket in the sun

If you blink, you might miss it.

It's So true.

When I was a I sleep deprived mom of 2 little boys with one on the way, the last thing I felt like doing was being in photos.

But looking back on those hazy, busy years, I'm so thankful for every family photo I have because even when I can't remember, they are my memories.

And now seeing my boys look at their photos and marvel at how small they were, and how mom and dad have always loved them so much, makes me wish I had taken even more.



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