Artistic, Natural Maternity Photos at Home

When you take Toronto maternity photos at home with your family, it feels like your story gets told more fully. Kids are relaxed and excited to show you all around, everyone is more relaxed and settled because this is their own peaceful space. And in the case of Becky’s family (she runs the crazy beautiful Wilding Collective), their house is not only relaxed but totally gorgeous, and full of personality. When she’s not looking, I’m totally stealing her velvet chair.

And though I would ask her to come over and decorate my house next, she’s going to be more than a little busy with sweet twin boys on the way! She makes having twins look so easy and gorgeous. I lived in yoga pants on the couch every time I was pregnant so she’s basically magic. I seriously can’t wait to meet those little guys and see Juniper as a big sister!! This sweet little family isn’t going to be little for much longer. 🙂

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