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Beautiful maternity photos are about more than just your glow and cute baby bump. Someday your little one is going to see them and know how loved they were before you ever even met them. (I'm not crying, you're crying!)

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but I promise you are.

There's nothing as beautiful and strong as a woman growing an entire HUMAN. Giving up wine and sushi (NO!!) and taking care of yourself differently to protect your sweet baby is no small thing. It's love, fierce. tired, selfless and emotional love.

Film selfie from my second pregnancy

A photoshoot with my last baby

And I don't know how your pregnancy journey is going but with all 3 of my boys I never felt amazing or glowing. All I felt was exhaustion, nausea, and an intense NEED for Sour Patch Kids. So I totally understand why the idea of a maternity shoot can feel like the last thing you want to do.

Now that my oldest is 13, I'm so thankful for the pictures I have to look back on. After the self-criticism faded, I can see that I really was glowing and beautiful. And I know exactly who was in that baby bump of mine and how much being their mom changed me. I wouldn't give up photos of that magical time for anything.

My Babies Forever

Getting so big in 2023

When you're feeling all the pregnancy aches, exhaustion and nausea (thanks a lot, green onion smell), it may feel like even thinking about a maternity session is overwhelming.

But that's where I come in! After more than a decade as a maternity photographer, I can help you with choosing your location, wardrobe styling and even have a hair and makeup artist get you glowing.

All you have to do is relax, enjoy the moment and let me show you how beautiful you are.

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Time during pregnancy is a funny thing. One day you feel like you'll never be out of the first trimester, and then you blink and your due date is next week!

For pregnancy photos, I usually recommend booking your session in the third trimester, between weeks 26 and 34 (depending on if it's your first pregnancy or not.)

PRO TIP: If you're planning on having newborn photos taken, reserve your spot at the same time you book your maternity session. That way you won't be scrambling to find a photographer and learning how to care for a little human at the same time.

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"Emily captures real life personality and emotion so perfectly because she makes you feel nothing but you behind the lens." - Jennifer S.

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I'm a professional maternity photographer and have been photographing for over a decade. As a mom of three boys (Yes, all boys. You read that right.), I really have a heart for making sure mamas are actually part of their family history by getting in the picture.

I want to create the maternity photography that I wish I had when I was pregnant and the only photos I have were taken on a roll of film I shot with a tripod and my camera's timer.

So instead of photo sessions that tire you out, let me make this a relaxing experience and create gorgeous pregnancy portraits of one of the most special times in a woman's life.

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