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Toronto Personal Branding Photography

Modern, Artistic Photography for Creative Small Businesses.

It's seems like there's a never ending stream of competition for small businesses in the GTA. And if you can't get ahead somehow, why would anyone choose to buy from you? Because they connect with you and your story. So instead of just getting Linkedin headshots, let's tell the story of you and your why.

"People don't buy what you do; they buy WHY you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe." -Simon Sinek

Hi! I'm Emily and I have something to say...

A photo of Emily Anderson in a blue dress with a flower in front of her face

Ok, hear me out. What if there was a better way to get professional headshots?

You used to only need one nice portrait of yourself to advertise your business. But now, whether it's for your business website, or even personal social media, you need more than just a headshot. You need a personal brand.

We Can Do Better Than Headshots.


What if, instead of running into a studio and grabbing 5 photos while trying not to look suuuper awkward, we took a little more time and told a story? It can be the story of you as a person, of your business or art, even of a specific product you're excited about launching. During your branding session, we'll definitely get the simple headshot you need, but you'll also have so many great images to tell a story that people actually want to hear.


Personal Branding

Editorial Work

Think of this as a beautiful documentary, giving people a chance to connect and see the real you.

I'm sure you can think of documentaries you've watched of your favorite artists, chefs, musicians, and how you loved to learn more about them as people. They weren't ads to sell you anything, but those stories made you feel even more connected with them and ready to invest in their creations. That's what people want from you too! Connection, to feel like they know you a little, and can identify even more strongly with your business.

Time for your story

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The Process:

Let's Talk.


I'll talk with you about who you and your business are, why your work is important to you, and who is your ideal client. This will help shape what we create in your personal branding session.


What Do You Need?

We'll talk through your goals for your personal brand photography. Are you looking to update your marketing? Do you need an editorial of a new service or collection you're launching? Or maybe you're a new business owner and would love professional images that are cohesive throughout all social media platforms.

Create A Vision Board.


I'll create a style board so we can decide on the color palette, location, mood, etc. for your photo shoot. I'm basically putting together a magazine editorial for you and your business. Sometimes that's in a studio space, other times it's in your own office or somewhere entirely different. Instead of the usual corporate headshots, we're going to tell a beautiful story about the real you of your business that will connect with your clients in all the right ways.

Time to Play.


I promise this will be fun! Instead of feeling awkward in front of the camera, I'll help you relax by giving you all the direction and guidance you need, coupled with probably one too many dad jokes. (My kids think I'm funny. lol)

I customize my branding photography specifically to each of my client's so it doesn't make sense for me to have packages. Instead, I create a custom quote for each project. My pricing varies depending on the locations, productions elements, etc. But don't stress, I'll talk everything through with you before our photoshoot, so you'll walk away with exactly what you need to help your business have personality and make a great first impression on potential clients.

Pricing starts at $400

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