Sunrise Fall Fashion Photoshoot for Clothing Brand

It makes me feel SUPER legit getting up at 5am for a branding photoshoot. Like this is what the big names do, right? I’m always so bleary eyed, have problems communicating, but somehow still conscious for sunrise shoots. And then there’s Chey, who looked fresh and fantastic. What is your secret, girl!?  I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact you’re like 10 years younger than me and don’t have 3 crazy boys. 😉

My friend Cara just opened her rad boutique and I knew I NEEDED to photograph some of her beautiful pieces. Chey, of course, looked amazing in everything.  So between this shoot, and Inguz’s ‘No Bad Days’ fashion show on November 18th, there’s definitely some shopping in my future. 😉