French Cool Studio Portraits in Downtown Toronto

I’ll be the first to admit that studio photography isn’t my favorite. I love to move around while I shoot, and keep my clients moving too so we’re all comfortable and utilizing nature as much as possible. But since moving to Toronto, I’m realizing that if I want to take personal branding photos year round, I need to get more comfortable working indoors. ?

I was thrilled to find Summerset Studio, that not only had huge windows but even a parking lot connected, a small miracle in downtown Toronto. To keep things from feeling stiff, I had my friend change up poses a lot, change outfits, and I, of course, kept changes cameras and rolls of film. I’m a bit like a loud bird when I shoot, hopping around to whatever I find sparking my imagination, shrieking when I get ‘THE shot’. Sorry, but it’s just the way my creativity works. ?

I love when a shoot gets to the place where both my client and I have left all self consciousness behind and are playing and having fun. That’s where I always get the most beautiful and real portraits. Real life beauty is ALWAYS the best and I’ll do whatever I need to to get it, even if it means using crazy muppet voices. I have no pride. ?

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