Cloudy Beach Maternity Photoshoot

There's a reason the beach is such a classic location for pregnancy photos. It's a beautiful, natural space but with much more open area than the woods, and the sand reflects the light in really flattering ways (green grass and trees, not so much). And even if the ocean isn't in your backyard, Toronto's huge Lake Ontario can provide the same epic background minus the big waves.

Man and his pregnant wife standing together on the beach smiling and looking at the ocean

A cloudy day is just as beautiful for photos as a sunny one. In fact, the clouds help provide really soft, flattering light. So don't feel like you need to reschedule your session just because it's cloudy. It's just going to offer a gentler mood for your photos, with cooler tones in the lighting.

husband and wife holding hands and smiling gently at the camera as the woman supports her pregnant belly

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Having dad be a part of your maternity sessions is one of my FAVORITE ideas. It helps him feel included in this celebration of your baby since he can't feel all the changes and little baby kicks the way you do. If you're looking for more ideas like this, then head over to my post of Natural, Authentic Maternity Photoshoot Ideas.

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double exposure on color film of a pregnant asian woman in a floral dress at the beach with the dress pattern overlayed
moody image of asian american husband and pregnant wife standing on the beach and looking seriously at the camera

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