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Many new moms want to celebrate their pregnancy with a maternity photoshoot but we've all seen some pretty cringey, awkward, what-were-they-thinking pregnancy photos. To each their own but I'm really not into funny maternity photoshoot ideas. (Sorry but no painted watermelon bellies here. lol) I much prefer creating a beautiful, chic photo session for my clients by keeping things simple and timeless so they can enjoy their stunning maternity photos forever.

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Choosing a Location for Your Maternity Photoshoot

Your maternity photos are something you want to age well and proudly show your child as they grow. And after you've chosen when to have your maternity session, one of the best ways to keep things timeless is by choosing a natural or simple location. One of my favorite outdoor maternity photoshoot ideas is to choose a nearby nature preserve with beautiful open spaces. Then you can benefit from the beauty of natural light and a lot of variety in your photos as you walk through the park.

If the weather won't allow for an outdoor pregnancy photos, than choosing a simple studio setting can be the perfect way to show off your adorable baby bump. I prefer using a white or light backdrop and either natural light or softboxes to keep your maternity photos feeling gentle and soft. And an uncluttered background can really highlight the shape of your beautiful pregnant belly.

Pick an Outfit that Shows Off Your Baby Bump

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Pregnancy is so completely personal and different for every woman, and so is how each mama chooses to dress during her maternity shoot. A flowing dress is the most timeless, flattering ways to show off your pregnancy glow, especially if it has an empire waist so it hugs your beautiful belly. I always favored maxi length dresses because I felt like they highlighted my growing belly well but were also lengthening and slimming for the rest of me. But some women will feel most beautiful in a very fitted knee length option (I wouldn't go much shorter though because it can really limit the poses you're able to do).

And though a flattering dress is the simplest choice for a maternity photo that won't look dated, you can definitely wear jeans or other outfits that are more you. I would just be sure that it highlights your amazing pregnant body and avoids really loud patterns and colors. (You can read my post about Family Photo Color Schemes for more outfit inspiration.)

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Include Baby's First Outfit

I'm not a fan of using a lot of props in photos but the whole reason you're having a maternity photo shoot is because you're so excited for your sweet little baby. So including one of your little one's first outfits or teeny tiny baby shoes is a great way to share that excitement and even (if you have a lot more self control than I did) to announce your pregnancy. As soon as I had my first ultrasound, I always splurged on a newborn outfit that I loved and couldn't wait to dress my baby in. Some maternity shoot ideas could include a beautiful flat lay of just the baby clothes, or you can hold them over your belly, or just hold their tiny shoes in your hands. There really are so many creative (and not cheesy) was to include them.

Maternity Pictures as a Couple

Pregnancy is kind of weird in that it starts with you and another person but once you're pregnant, your partner doesn't feel any of the daily changes and shifts, the sweet little hiccups and kicks. So that can leave them feeling a little disconnected from the very real, daily experience that we're having as expectant mothers. Including them in your pregnancy photoshoot can be a a great way to help them feel included and as excited for this baby as you are.



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Include the Nursery in Your Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Creating a beautiful nursery can be another way we mamas start nesting and celebrating this new addition to our family. So one of the sweetest maternity photo ideas is having part of your photo session in your baby's nursery. Be sure to communicate with your photographer to make sure that there's enough light and space for her to work in in order to take beautiful maternity pictures of you while including the space you've worked so hard to create.

Maternity Photos at the Beach

The beach can a great backdrop for a photo shoot because the background is so simple and beautiful and really highlights the shape of your baby bump. I mean all you have to do is log into pinterest and you'll see some of the best maternity photoshoot ideas are at the beach. While you many not be able to take a babymoon to a tropical island or live near the ocean, Lake Ontario and other large lakes can have really beautiful beaches that you can use in the same way.

Maternity Photos with Your Ultrasound Picture

a couple holding four ultrasound photos of new baby in front of the woman's pregnant belly

And the simplest but most classic of maternity photo ideas is to include your ultrasound print in a few of your maternity pics. It's a way not only to make sure you can always have a copy of your ultrasound (those prints don't age well.) but it also is a little window into what's actually happening in that cute baby bump of yours and the little person who's waiting to make their appearance. I loved using the print out from my third baby because the ultrasound tech caught a picture of him doing the peace sign with his fingers. It was a special memory for me because of how much it calmed my nervous mama heart so it felt perfect to include it in my own maternity photos.

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