smiling woman with blonde hair in blue and white dress holding a sleeping baby wrapped in white blanket wearing a white bow

Their First Year Goes By In a Blur

Beautiful newborn photos are about more than just your sweet, tiny baby. Including yourself and your partner in the photos is such a special way and natural way to show your little one how much you love them.

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A Foggy, beautiful dream

When I had my first baby, I was so tired, nervous, leaking EVERYWHERE, but so in love with my little man. Before I knew it, he was 6 months old and I only had a few newborn baby photos on my old digital camera (yes, it was pre-iphone.)

Me with 6 month old Finn

Newborn Photo I took of baby Grey (once again, I'm not in it.)

There are a few photos of the two of us, candids from family, but I felt so frumpy and not really like myself. It would have been so nice to have beautiful, flattering photos. To have images that captured the precious moments of us getting to know each other.

I'm so thankful for the newborn photography I have of me WITH my boys and not just the thousands I took of them. There's something fiercely beautiful about the bond between a mother and her baby. Something that's hard to even see during those foggy first weeks.

Finally me with one of my babies (this is North)

Us all together in 2023

Those first months postpartum can feel so vulnerable. All the pressure to 'bounce back after having a baby, while you're still learning how to be a mom. But your body has been working so hard and should be honored instead of judged.

That's why I make sure you feel beautiful and cared for during your session. I'll help you choose a flattering outfit (the dresses in my client wardrobe are GORGEOUS) and have my favorite hair and makeup artist give you a natural, healthy glow.

And then, just like with my family photography, I'll direct you in beautiful, natural posing so everyone can see how good motherhood looks on you.

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"Emily captures real life personality and emotion so perfectly because she makes you feel nothing but you behind the lens." - Jennifer S.

sleeping newborn on white couch wearing white sweater smiling as father strokes their head

Let me tell you right now, I will NOT be putting your newborn baby in costumes, flower pots, or posing them in unnatural positions. mic drop

I want all of my maternity and newborn photography to be as comfortable and relaxing an experience as possible for my all clients. So I work very hard to ensure that I create my baby photography in a calming and safe environment.

If they're hungry, we'll take a little break for them to eat. If they're having a hard time settling to sleep, I'll play gentle womb sounds and make sure the temperature in the room is just right. And instead of elaborate setups with props, we'll use the most beautiful, soft swaddles perfect for their sensitive skin and a special newborn pillow for them to rest on.

As a newborn photographer, I know it's a lot of hard work being born. So I make sure that newborn photos are as easy on your sweet, little baby as they are on you.

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A photo of Emily Anderson in a blue dress with a flower in front of her face


I'm a professional family photographer and have been creating newborn and child photography for over a decade. As a mom of three boys (Yes, all boys. You read that right.), I really have a heart for making sure mamas are actually part of their family history by getting in the picture.

I want to create the newborn portraits that I wish I had when I was a new mom and the only photos I had were quickly snapped with my cell phone camera.

So instead of baby photo sessions that tire you out, let me make this a relaxing experience and create gorgeous family photos of one of the most special times in your family's life.

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Let the magic begin

Unlike maternity photography, figuring out how when to photograph newborns can be tricky, since babies make their arrival whenever they want. I always joked that my boys' due dates were the only days I knew they wouldn't be born.

So as you're looking searching through newborn photographers, keep in mind that you'll just let them know a window of when your shoot will be. Instead of trying to pick a date ahead of time, just tell me your due date when you book. Once baby arrives, let me know and we'll schedule the session date.

I know you'll be feeling tired but I promise that photos are so much easier during those sleepy, early weeks. So I encourage all my clients to have their session scheduled before baby is 4 weeks old.

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