Relaxed Casual Family Photos at the Beach

As a mama of three boys, I know the biggest nightmare for any parent is not being there for your kids. So I was shocked when I heard my beautiful, super healthy friend had been diagnosed with cancer. When you hear things like that, you feel so helpless, unless you’re an amazing doctor or cancer researcher (God bless those people with analytical number brains!!). But there’s one thing I can do and that’s tell people’s real stories with a family photo session. And this cute little family's story was such a sweet one to tell.

We took these photos the week before this mama started chemo, and I’m happy to report, she’s doing really well. I’m sure she’s not out of the woods yet though, and they can all use our prayers. She is such a fighter but with her boys by her side, cancer isn’t going to put out a light as bright as hers.

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