Adventurous, Summer Photoshoot for Family of Four

Different locations can really show a family's personality in their family photos. For this adventurous family with wiggly boys, playing out in the woods was the perfect fit. I could bring everyone together for a few portraits, then let everyone climb and play for a bit and take more candid photos, then come together for a few more portraits, and repeat. When you have a lot of movement and activity between shots, the kids don't feel so cooped up and then the parents can relax too.

huge thousand year old Florida oak tree on a cloudy day
big brother hugging his younger brother from behind and both smiling in a forest clearing

As you've probably figured from these pictures, I haven't always lived and worked in Canada. I'm from California originally but before my family moved here, we spent 8 years living at the beach in Florida. (People still ask me WHY did you move here?? lol) It's a much more casual, laid back culture there, partly because you're hot and sweaty a good portion of the year. The beach was basically my photo studio like for these Blue and Sunny Beach Maternity Photos. Florida also has some of the most AMAZING, huge oak trees full of spanish moss. So when we talked about going to the 'forest', this is what we meant.

family of four climbing a mossy old oak tree during cloudy summer day

As moms, we're usually the one to pull out our camera or phone to grab pictures of our family's daily life, so we're often not in the picture. All those play times, snuggles, and tickle fights are never documented. That's why I love for mom to play with her kiddos during our photoshoot too and not just dad, then I can capture a sliver of those sweet moments, and show the bond she has with her kids, how fiercely she loves them.

two young boys with jeans and muddy shoes sitting on the back of a park bench
family of four making silly faces and laughing during their outdoor family photoshoot

The funny face picture is ALWAYS the kids' favorite! "What? You're TELLING us to be crazy on PURPOSE? Um, YESSS!" After the goofy faces are done, I end up with photos of everyone's real smiles, relaxed and happy. I've definitely learned to ask for this towards the end of our photoshoot though, so we don't get crazy eyes and tongues wagging during EVERY portrait. lol

husband and wife standing next to each other in front of a tangle of oak tree branches and moss
mom and dad smiling down at their two boys with their arms around them during a relaxed family photoshoot

If you'd love to show off all the crazy sweetness of your own family, then click over to my Contact page. I'll take the time to craft a photoshoot that highlights the unique personality of your family and brings out the best in all of you.

Most importantly, I take the stress off of you by providing access to my client wardrobe and professional hair and makeup styling. You can read all about my custom client experience on The Experience page. It's time to make your family photo dreams come true!

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