Family Farm Personal Branding Photoshoot with Dogs

Lindsay and her husband, Scott, own the genius Jacksonville farm Congaree and Penn. Not only is she the most gorgeous farmer ever, but Lindsay is a also really talented artist. (You can check out her work at Old Kings Lane.) Her wedding invitations made me want to throw a big party just so I could have some of her amazing invites!

So I was there to take personal branding photos for Lindsay but I should have just called this a family shoot because her pups were NOT going to be left out! Lula and Seabiscuit are known as the horse dogs at my house because they are sooo big, and my boys regularly ask when we're going to visit them. They're just that cool. 😉  It was a super fun just hanging out with Lindsay, cuddling her GIANT dogs, fending off angry Chicken Joe (roosters are EVIL!), and enjoying a piece of her beautiful life. 

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