Waterfront Family of 3 Maternity Photoshoot

There's something so peaceful about water. Just sitting next to it is enough to calm a person down. With that it mind, choosing a waterfront location for your Toronto maternity photos is not only beautiful, but can help settle your nerves too. This family spends a lot of time on boats and at the beach so this beautiful marina and local beach were the perfect spots.

I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but I love it when kids are confident enough to give me the stink eye at the beginning of our session. I'm just some random stranger with a camera so, especially toddlers, are usually a little wary at first. It always feels like such an accomplishment when I win them over and get real smiles from them as we go, but I never want them to feel forced to be someone they're not.

Some kids are strong and wary, some are super friendly (Like my middle child who would tell the clerks at Target that he loved them. lol), and some are just happy to go with the flow. There's no one size fits all, so even though I always get beautiful, natural photos of children, I always respect them as their own people and interact with them in a way that works with their personality. (And if you're looking for more planning help, read this post for more Natural, Authentic Maternity Photoshoot Ideas.)

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dad in blue shirt and mom in black dress holding their toddler's hands and walking towards the ocean

Sometimes the only thing is takes to help a toddler be happy during family photos is a change of scenery. Once they have some space to run and play, they're set. I usually do the more posed family photos at the beginning of the photo session, and then as we go I shift to playing 'games' with them and then more candid shots. Staying still feels very unnatural to kids so I always keep my younger clients moving as much as possible.

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woman with blonde hair and blue eyes in a black maxi dress looking at the camera with a serious expression and holding her pregnant belly with one hand
toddler in a green dress and red hair flings her arms around her mother's neck as she bends down to pick her up.
pregnant woman in black dress holds red haired toddler and smiles while the wind blows their hair

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